Quit Smoking

“I have been a 40 cigarettes a day smoker for 36 years and have tried three different hypnotists to quit smoking and never managed to quit even for a day so I don’t know why I thought I’d give hypnosis another go but I’m glad I did. After my first session with Sonia I stopped completely and there were many situations including very stressful ones over the weekend when I could have weakened but I didn’t. I am delighted and extremely confident that I won’t ever go back to being a smoker. Thanks.” Pete M.

“I have been smoking for seventeen years, about a packet a day I tried to quit many, many times and a lot of different ways. I thought I would never ever be able to do it. After two appointments with Sonia I have given it away forever! I work in the construction industry and I have others smoking around me constantly which doesn’t bother me any more . I didn’t think it could be so easy , I am living proof that this will work for you ! Do yourself a favor and try it. Change your life forever – Thank you Sonia you have changed my life forever.” David D.

“When it comes to hypnotherapy and things of this nature, I am very sceptical of its effects. I had been smoking for 15 years and I really wanted to give up so I gave it a go. Let me just say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I haven’t smoked since I was last here (his first visit) and I’m confident I won’t ever smoke again.” Arty H.

“Hi Sonia, just a quick note to say thanks. I haven’t had a cigarette since seeing you last week and I’m confident that I won’t again. The whole experience was very relaxing and non invasive and I would recommend others to give it a go.” Louise S.

“Hi Sonia, first day back at work today and no problems! Still no ciggies so tomorrow is a week that I have been a non-smoker and I feel great!” Joanne M.

“I would like to thank-you for the treatment I received. It worked! I haven’t had a smoke since. Thank-you very much.” Sandra B.

“Not sure if you remember me, my name is Ron and we did a couple of sessions a few weeks ago to help me quit smoking. I really felt compelled to get back to you, to share my experiences. I haven’t had a smoke since our first session. I’ve had a few urges, but they have been much less than I had in previous attempts to stop, and they pass quickly. I also don’t feel like I ever want to be a smoker. Every time I get an urge, or see others smoking, I get this almost warm feeling that I don’t need a smoke, and that I’m not one of the smokers that stands outside an office in the cold. Thankyou so much for helping me with this. I really feel that I’ll never go back to smoking. The sessions we had were quite an experience for me. I’ve never experienced such relaxation, and I left your practice with such a feeling of euphoria. I feel I’m looking at life a bit differently now (in a much better way). Thank-you again, and I’ve mentioned you to many of my friends. I’m sure some will contact you in the future”. Ron W

“Hi Sonia, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that I haven’t had a cigarette for over a week! I have found it really easy actually, I have been out and about, to pubs and restaurants (where I would normally smoke a few cigarettes) with friends who smoke and not even been tempted. Thank you very much for your help”. Natasha P.

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