Past Lives

“I went to see Sonia at the hypnosis and health practice for help in dealing with past life issues. I did not know what to expect as I have never been hypnotised before and to be honest was not even sure if hypnosis could assist for past life issues. I was amazed at the results after just one session. After one session, I had begun to recognise and identify patterns that have been present for aeons of time which I had unknowingly been engaging in that really weren’t helpful or benefiting me. I was able to change my behaviour and as such I avoided arguments, a potential huge fallout at work and in the process realised what freedom of choice really means. I was also surprised at how comfortable I felt throughout the session. I felt at all times I was safe and secure and how so not scary hypnosis is. 

After a second session, I saw a new me emerge and felt more confident that I would not engage in previous past behaviours. I began to understand how my behaviour and my own past life patterns were continually being repeated through my own doing. It was positively life changing and I feel so much happier in my work relationships and most importantly in my relationship with family and loved ones. I can’t thank Sonia enough as without her and her skills as a hypnotist, I would never have been able to fully realise my potential and my life purpose. Thanks Sonia.” Sarah S.

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