Insomnia & Sleep Issues

“I went to my first hypnosis session not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to relax and enjoy the experience. I was having trouble staying asleep for any length of time and had gotten to the stage where I wasn’t functioning properly on a daily basis and knew I had to take some serious action. I noticed a marked improvement in my quality of sleep after my first session and now that I’ve had a second session I really feel like my problem no longer exists – thanks so much Sonia! I am very happy to say that I feel “human” again – the flow-on effect has been fantastic!!” Jenny J.

“My sleeping is great (not had a pill now for 10 days – yehaa) …..What you have helped me with is enormous, I never thought I could do it. The biggest, biggest thanks.” Cathy D.

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