“The experience could be described as peaceful, relaxing, soul restoring and at times magical! Sonia helped me to deal with a lack of confidence which has contributed to many of my nervous issues and years and years of being very hard on myself. Since visiting Sonia, I feel more confident and I have finally started to stand up for myself and put me first. Sonia has a way of opening your eyes to what is within you and I am already saying “yes” to more opportunites when they are presented to me. Friends and family have noticed a difference in me and I feel more in control of my life. Definitely worth a try… Thanks Sonia :)” Vanessa S.

“I have been very busy being happy and empowered! Thanks to my time spent with you, I have experienced such a huge shift in my outlook to my life.
I am no longer experiencing bouts of sadness, feeling lost out of balance and low self esteem. I am feeling so positive and empowered I feel I have gained control of my life and with that I feel such joy and happiness that I haven’t felt in a very long time! I feel such gratitude to feel alive again THANK-YOU!” Sussan K.

“Just wanted to let you know how things are. I feel so much more like my old self (the positive stuff like being decisive and firing on all four cylinders at work), plus I feel like a total new self (taking time to enjoy creativity and worrying less about unimportant detail). As for the anger and anxiety, I stopped feel angry immediately on leaving after the last session and it hasn’t reappeared at all. I have only experienced the tiniest hint of anxiety bubbling up and was able to breathe it away as soon as it appeared. As for the eating, I am eating regularly and with some forethought, and enjoying coffee-chocolate breaks in the context of my overall day rather than as an escape. I haven’t used the EFT tapping technique you showed me, other than a couple of times because things just fell into place quickly. Overall I feel busy and engaged, creative and optimistic. Thank you!” Cath V.

“I had a number of issues that I believe had been holding me back and preventing me from feeling satisfied on a number of different levels. I was very critical of myself, I had an overactive sense of responsibility, a need to try to please everyone and a variety of fears. After seeing a very positive change in a friend who had experienced hypnotherapy with Sonia I was determined to give it a try. After just a few sessions with Sonia I noticed a remarkable change. My fears were greatly reduced and I no longer feel the need to always try and please everyone. Now when I look in the mirror I don’t criticize myself instead I like what I see. I feel much lighter and more easy going and my life is much more enjoyable. I am happy to recommend Sonia to anyone considering hypnotherapy.” Steve M.

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