Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety & depression
“The experience could be described as peaceful, relaxing, soul restoring and at times magical! Sonia helped me to deal with a lack of confidence which has contributed to many of my nervous issues and years and years of being very hard on myself. Since visiting Sonia, I feel more confident and I have finally started to stand up for myself and put me first. Sonia has a way of opening your eyes to what is within you and I am already saying “yes” to more opportunites when they are presented to me. Friends and family have noticed a difference in me and I feel more in control of my life. Definitely worth a try! Thanks Sonia :)” Vanessa S.

Loss of direction, stressed, anxious and sad
“Firstly THANK-YOU!! Not that I was a sceptic. I certainly turned up to my appointment with an open mind but doubted (fairly strongly) that I would feel results after only one consult…and that’s exactly what happened…feeling stressed, anxious, sad and lost before the session, I emerged feeling STRONG, POSITIVE, CALM and like a SUCCESS!! I even sang happily to the songs on the radio on the way home. I feel directed and confident in the future decisions that I have made to move on from my job and I know I owe it to my consult with Sonia. Thank you so much for releasing me from my depths I feel so much lighter now 🙂 I will pass on your details to any friends of mine who I feel would benefit from seeing you”. Kelly K.

Lack of confidence, low self-esteem, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, extreme stress, worry, depression, poor work & social relationships
“I have suffered with poor self image/esteem, depression and insomnia for years (40 years). 2005 resulted in having 7 months off work due the side effects of the above and extreme stress and worry which resulted in adrenal fatigue and depression. I have allowed other people to push me around, have missed out on employment opportunities and just life!!! Plus poor relationships – marital, professional and personal. With Sonia’s help which has been fantastic, and her use of hypnosis, I have had a wonderful turn around in my health, work and personal relationships. And now we are working our way through new issues with a great deal of success. I can recommend Sonia with a great deal of enthusiasm.” Helen D.

Depression, guilt, anxiety and low self-esteem
“I feel very blessed and privileged to have had the opportunity to meet and work through my personal issues with Sonia. I came to Sonia troubled with unwanted emotions and negative thoughts, which in turn were making my life miserable. My situation was I had been struggling for years with depression, guilt, anxiety attacks and low self -esteem. After regular appointments with Sonia (both one on one counselling/hypnotherapy), I can now truly say that I love the person I am today, and I no longer suffer from any of the previous problems listed above. I now feel free and very much alive again- ready to start a whole new life full of happiness and certainty.

Thinking back to my first appointment with Sonia, I will admit I was very nervous and anxious (after all, I had suffered from anxiety for years).  Within moments of being in Sonia’s company, she made me feel very safe and comfortable and immediately she had my trust. I knew that I was definitely in the right place at that point in time and I could sense a feeling of hope, an emotion I hadn’t felt for years. I remember driving home after that very initial appointment smiling all the way home. Say no more- but my appointment was a complete success.”

Overwhelmed, emotional weight, balance
“In my first session, I immediately felt very comfortable with Sonia and at ease discussing my issues. I had lost all balance. I had lost the happy go lucky me. I felt overwhelmed, work and family dramas consumed me, as well as living with Lupus for 25 years. My release was over-indulgence in wine and cigarettes. Sonia has been incredible, listening to me cry and laugh and release pent-up emotions that had been weighing me down. But now, I feel light, happy and relaxed. The transformation inside glows through to the outside. I have a spring in my step and I’m gaining balance, overcoming unhealthy habits and learning moderation. I relax, I listen and I laugh now. Family, friends and colleagues have all commented – ‘I want what she’s having’ they’ve all remarked – it’s the best they’ve seen me. They feel the positive energy from being around me and say they walk away feeling great after hanging out with me. Thank you Sonia”. Melinda E.

Anxiety, nervous tension, depression, lack of motivation, confusion
“I had an extensive and rather comprehensive list of ailments before I saw Sonia for hypnotherapy and I didn’t know where else to turn nor did I believe in or want to take medication to fix my “problems” as I didn’t feel it would solve the root cause. I had no idea about what would happen in my first session and I wasn’t fully convinced of how powerful hypnotherapy could be. But after only three sessions, I can honestly say that I feel like an improved version of myself. (I even felt different after just the first). 
Having suffered from a troubled childhood with various events scarring and affecting my life everyday, this in turn tainted the way I handled my adult life. The compounding effects of these experiences both from my childhood and adulthood finally resulted in severe anxiety, nervous tension, depression, lack of motivation, confusion and tension everywhere in the body to name but a few. 
Seeing Sonia has been the most enriching and rewarding thing I have ever done. It was also so easy! I felt like I was cheating because it was so simple and all I had to do was relax and enjoy the journey. 
Through the positive and effective guidance provided by Sonia, I am now free of the old habits I had dragged around with me for so long. I am still the same person facing the same problems, but I now see and handle these difficult situations very differently. I have found an emotional balance and finally feel free and at peace. Thank you Sonia for changing my life!” Zamina A.

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