Addictions & Habits

Teeth Grinding At Night, Restless Nights And Headaches

“Good morning Sonia, Steven asked me to drop you a line and say he feels he wont need the final appointment next week. Thank you so much for helping him. He is sleeping so much better these days, he’s not opening his eyes and complaining of a headache. It’s amazing, I hadn’t realised how fidgety and restless he was at night until now. A huge thank you from a well rested  family. Ps would you mind if I gave your name and contact details to another good friend who requires assistance?” Denise & Steven C.

Habitual Repetitive Negative Thoughts And Behaviours, Low Self-Worth, Depression

“I have been seeing Sonia for just over a month and have found amazing changes. After many years suffering with depression, worry, and constant negative thoughts I have found myself feeling fantastic, I haven’t felt like this in years. I have been to other counsellors in the past and haven’t found such positive changes in a small amount of time. I clicked with Sonia immediately and felt comfortable with her. I am feeling so much more positive and finding that EFT, after just a couple of days, is making so much difference. Sonia is a wonderful lady and caringly pushes me to work on myself in a positive way so that I can get the results I have wanted for so long. Her strength, professionalism and knowledge has definitely contributed to my life. I believe that this is a very important aspect of dealing with people who want to change their lives. After my hypnosis sessions I feel like a million dollars. I can feel the hypnosis is working extremely well since my negative thoughts seem to be automatically changing into positive ones. How fantastic! I am so excited about the changes in my life!

When you are in a state of depression or feel like you are at a crossroads in your life, or just simply want to make changes to negative behaviours you have constantly been repeating throughout your life, I believe it is helpful to have someone who will push you along the way. A lot of my friends have noticed how much happier I am lately. I feel like I am glowing again. So if you are reading this and feeling uncertain about making positive changes in your life, believe me it’s worth it, give Sonia a call!” [Hypnosis combined with counseling, life coaching and EFT]. Andrea H.

Addicted To Alcohol, Fear Of Panic Attacks

“I have my life back, thanks to Sonia!!!! I had a drinking problem where I would drink every night to get drunk. I knew why I was doing it, I just couldn’t stop. With Sonia’s help I no longer have a drinking problem. I drink no more than 2 drinks at a time and this is only if I even feel like a drink. I also used to suffer from panic attacks many years ago. However, the thought that these would come back again was always on my mind. This held me back and stopped me enjoying life. With hypnosis these thoughts have now disappeared. After seeing Sonia I feel alive, in control of my life again, happy and confident. I am also losing weight which is a great bonus!!! Sonia, thank you so much again”. Vanessa I.

Alcohol Addiction

“I would like to thank Sonia Czernik, for a very positive life-changing experience. I have struggled with alcohol abuse for 30 years. I would only drink in the evenings but the problem was the quantity – up to 2 bottles of wine in an evening, this was 3 or 4 times over the safe limit. I started having hypnosis treatments from Sonia with wonderful results. I am now able to stop at 3 glasses of wine sometimes not even that. Also I have every Monday and Tuesday, as A.F.Ds [Alcohol free, days.] Thank-you so much Sonia”.
Anthony G

Addicted to Fatty Starchy Foods

‘If you are reading this, you are looking for help. Like you, I wanted help. After many years of abusing food my problem was very ingrained. I wanted to be slimmer, healthier and fitter. I wanted to have a healthier view of food and my body. I know what a person needs to do to be slim, healthy and fit. But to do it, enjoy and keep doing it ‘ well, that is very hard for many people. And, I happen to be one of those people. I wanted to be able to naturally, instinctively and willingly think healthier. If I could change the way I thought about food, exercise and my body, I knew I could lick this for life. But, I needed help. Thank goodness, like you, I read about Sonia.

Sonia relaxed my conscious mind to a tranquil yet awareness state and spoke to my subconscious. During this state, I was aware of my surroundings but felt very serene. It was an amazing experience. But, did it help? Unbelievably so! Results were instant. I’m not lying!

Now I eat only to fuel, nourish and replenish my body. I never skip meals. I exercise 6 days a week for at least forty minutes ‘ I desire to do it!! I wake up at 6.30am each morning (I asked for this and incredibly ‘ no, instinctively this happens). I know what I am going to eat the next day and I am prepared. I DO NOT crave chocolate, chips, pizza or other fatty, starchy food. I eat anything healthy like vegetables, salads, fruit, fish and meat ‘ all cooked in a healthy manner and ONLY to the amount my body needs ‘ it tells me when it is full. All my decisions about food and exercise come naturally and instinctively ‘ and they are all healthy!

I have only visited Sonia twice. I intend to have two more visits to cement these practices for life. I am very, grateful to Sonia. She is a beautiful, intelligent and caring soul. Professionally, she really knows her stuff. If you want help, call Sonia. Give it a go; you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain’. Colleen N.

Food Addiction, Binge Eating

“I found the hypnosis very effective for my problem – emotional eating. Also I would recommend the RESET program – I didn’t go hungry and I didn’t crave ANYTHING. I now feel totally in control when making food choices – no guilt / not difficult anymore. I no longer BINGE eat and these results are all with one session. Thank-you”. Katherine P.

Sweet Addiction, Chocolate/Sugar 

‘I just thought I’d give you a quick email to tell you that today I baked a pineapple cake to take to a meeting tomorrow and I do not have any interest in eating it!!! I’ll let you know how I go ‘..’ [sometime later]
‘Thought I’d write some words about my experience with you and hypnotherapy:
When I came to Sonia, I had been battling a chocolate addiction for the last 10 or so years. I have always been a closet chocoholic, hiding chocolate under my bed, in my wardrobe, making excuses to go eat it whenever I could. I could easily eat two family sized blocks a day. Chocolate and sweet foods were taking over my life. I felt like I would die if I did not get my chocolate fix every day. Try as I may, the sweet food would win every time. Not only did this make me feel unhappy, but it also took its toll on my healthy body.
Sonia has helped me to kick my addiction to sweet foods. 3 days after my first session with Sonia, I no longer craved chocolate. Now after 3 sessions, I no longer feel the need to eat cakes, biscuits, chocolate etc… and I no longer bite my nails (from anxiety). I feel positive and motivated to getting back to my healthy self, and food no longer dictates my life. I am happy to exercise and look forward to this as opposed to feeling as if it is a chore.

I’m sure, like me, some of you will have your doubts about the results hypnotherapy can yield, and yet, within 3 months I have had a complete 180 turn around. I do not eat chocolate anymore, I do not eat biscuits or cake, and I have a wonderful lifestyle filled with healthy foods and exercise. I can not shout loud enough about the positive changes hypnotherapy has brought about in me. Please have an open mind and give Sonia a try. She is a wonderful person and will get to the bottom of any problem. Thank you Sonia! Amanda N.

Addiction To Sweet & Unhealthy Foods – Sugar Cravings

“Sonia gave me the inner strength, the motivation to do what I’ve always wanted to do and to stick with it. By focusing on a healthy lifestyle she showed me that food is not there to feed my emotions but as medicine for my body. I now see food for it’s nutritional value and I am feeding my body in the way nature intended. The Reset Program was easy and full of nutritional value, the food tasted great and I lost 2 kg on the 5 day Program and then a further 1.5 kg after my first hypnosis session with no cravings for sweet or unhealthy things. So far I’ve lost 7.6kgs, I now have 6kgs to go to get to my goal weight of 65kgs! I’m still losing 0.6-1kg a week. Still exercising everyday and enjoying it (whereas I did not before the sessions) & still haven’t touched any sugar, I haven’t been craving sugar AT ALL and no longer obsess or think about food the way I used to. I was even able to stay focussed over Christmas and the New Year. ! I can definitely see myself continuing with this and keeping the weight off when I reach my goal. Thank-you Sonia”. Sara B.

“Hi Sonia! Just letting you know I jumped on the scales this morning & I have reached my goal weight of 65kgs……3 weeks before the date I set myself:-) So, I’m 13.6kgs down and feel so absolutely amazing! Thankyou so much, you are an angel!”   Sara B.

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