Consider the Services offered at the Hypnosis and Health Practice as different toolboxes. There are five principle toolboxes we use, each with compartments holding a variety of tools (techniques), which serve different purposes. Whilst a hammer is the most effective tool (technique) for banging a nail into a wall, a screwdriver is the most effective tool (technique) for screwing a screw into the wall and an electric one, even better. We ensure that we use the right tools for the results that we agree (you and the therapist), are to be achieved for yourself – not for anyone else – an important distinction – and if you want to change principally because another or others want it so, that will be explored for resolution. Your unconscious mind loves analogies like the toolboxes and uses them unconsciously to give you a greater understanding without you having to know how it does that. Analogies and metaphors are hypnotic in nature and are one set of powerful small tools we use, like the nails and screws.

Continuing with this theme, as we at Hypnosis and Health have various toolboxes containing a variety of tools, it is essential to recognise the nature of the walls (referred to by Sonia as ‘barriers of belief’) that need to be penetrated and how they got there in the first place. Recognising whether we need to use screws or nails or something else (the small tools), is what we do. We will then automatically know which larger tool to use, such as a screwdriver (screws) or hammer (nails), in order to get the ‘best’ job done for what you want to acheive. Obviously this analogy can be taken deeper and deeper – but you get the ‘picture’.

We also work with issues that are not strictly considered ‘health issues’, (though possibly debilitating), such as public speaking (see confidence). In this example (public speaking), to affect the results you wish, we would take and use tools predominantly from three of our toolboxes. These will be different, similar and sometimes the same tools used, say in social phobia. This is because whilst very different issues, there will be an overlap between them and so certain tools can be used for both, but perhaps used in a slightly different way.

The Five Key Toolboxes we use tools from are:

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Hypnotherapy is a modern term coined to encompass a therapy with a multitude of branches, all of which utilise the state of hypnosis to effect change on the unconscious level.

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We hold face-to-face (in-person or online/phone*) clinical consultations using five key modalities/ services - alone or combined to enable you to achieve your goal(s).

If you have a preference for a particular toolbox (modality) please inform us. Similarly if you do not wish a particular toolbox to be used, for whatever reason, let us know. In order to achieve optimum results for you, in the fastest time possible, it is best to leave the choice of toolboxes, and therefore tools to us - as we know the value of each of these for different issues, better than our clients. Choosing to stick to just one toolbox will get results though it may take longer.

* Consultations for many issues can be carried out over the phone (we call you), whilst other issues require a face-to-face connection either online (Skype, Zoom etc) or in person (Perth WA).

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