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1 - MDTL Model™ for Anxiety Disorders.

These are 3-session and 5-session programs for Anxiety Disorders.

This ‘Multidimensional-TimeLine’ Model (MDTL Model™) is an integrated methodology/ model i.e. healing through mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of existence (the latter is included if clients have a spiritual leaning and wish to explore this aspect of self).

The ‘Multidimensional-TimeLine’ Model is used over either 3 or 5 sessions. Depending on the complexity of the Anxiety Disorder (and other factors) a 3-session or 5-session program will be recommended. This is because someone who suffers from an Anxiety Disorder often has one or more other issues accompanying the disorder. This could be other Anxiety Disorders, such as a specific phobia, sleep issue, panic attacks and depression. Anxiety Disorders is a high risk factor for depression and so whilst anxiety/ fear lie at the core of every Anxiety Disorder and so would be the focus of therapeutic approaches, any accompanying issues need to be attended to, as well.

An initial confidential discovery phone-call (at no cost to you) allows Sonia to determine whether a three or five session program will be required. Sonia developed the MDTL Model™, specifically for the permanent relief of Anxiety Disorders. Medical practitioners may download for free Sonia’s published paper (2018), which outlines elements within this model.

As an integrated Approach, MDTL Model™™ therapy often includes (depending on the specifics of your issue), simple yet powerfully effective tools and techniques that you will use between sessions. One such set of tools within this model, which is truly unique to Sonia’s work (i.e. cannot be found elsewhere) are therapeutic healing rhymes (audio). As they are hypnotic in nature, they come with simple yet clear instructions on when and how to use/listen to them. The powerful words within the rhymes imprint on your unconscious as you listen to them (and repeat them back to yourself). They carry relevant messages deep into your cellular memory where they bring about change – collapsing old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving whilst replacing them with new more beneficial patterns. For more information (including scientific references) on how these rhymes work and why they are so powerful in bringing about the change you are looking for, contact us direct.

2 - Advanced Weight Loss program: 5-session intensive

(With or without Advanced Gastric Band Hypnosis, as determined on your initial complementary discovery call).

Yes you can drop excess weight with one session yet if you want to see a steady weight loss and feel super-confident after your first session, knowing that you will continue to loose weight until you are at your ideal weight - and then feel super-confident that you are able to maintain your ideal weight – a permanent shift in your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviours around weight loss - then this program is for you.

This program is most suited to those who:

  • Have tried to loose weight with different weight loss plans and diets but failed to either
    • Stick to the program (perhaps yo-yo up and down with their weight) and/or
    • Maintain their weight loss
  • Have one or more health conditions which make it very difficult to loose or keep weight off
    i.e. hormonal imbalances
  • Are in a situation, which makes it very difficult to loose and/or keep weight off.

This program is NOT suited to those who:

  • Are under Psychiatric care unless a letter of referral from your psychiatrist is provided.
  • Have a DIAGNOSED Eating Disorder*

*Whilst hypnotherapy has been demonstrated to be a highly effective modality for Eating Disorders, this 5-session intensive Program is not suitable for such persons.

Our Advanced Weight Loss program is a 5-session intensive lifestyle course, which gives you the tools you need to release that extra weight forever and to release it now. On completion of our Advanced Weight Loss program, you will be the new person you have always wanted to be, who never needs to worry about being on a diet again.

Become a slim and healthier person forever and say goodbye to diets and counting calories – you can now lose that extra weight and keep it off forever with or without the incorporation of Advanced Gastric Band Hypnosis now available online* for those who qualify as well as in-person (in Perth).

*A complimentary discovery session (via a phone call, Skype or Zoom) will allow us to determine your specific areas of concern i.e. why you have not been able to drop the excess weight or keep it off, as well as your suitability for the online course. More information, such as Program payment options, is available under Body Weight.

Book your Weight Loss Discovery Session today to find out just how quickly and easily you can become slim and healthy with Hypnosis and Health. Contact us now or see Success Stories first.


Book and Pay for 5 individual sessions on the day of each session
$1,125 for the full program
($225 per session)


Paid for up front as one payment prior to your first session: Discounted to $775 for the full program
($155 per session)
Saving $575

3 - Hypnosis for Fertility Issues: Advanced 12 week Program

Fertility-Thro-Hypnosis Program.

It’s no wonder that so many women today have trouble conceiving a baby, when you consider the pressures on women in today’s society. For instance, one out of four women trying to conceive have been diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’. This unexplained ‘not known’ situation, can be frustrating and extremely unnerving for many women trying so hard to ‘fix’ the problem. Yet for us at Hypnosis and Health, ‘unknown’ means ‘unconscious’ and that is the area of the mind that we specialise in, so we see this as a ‘positive’ compared to your perspective.

We know how important it is, particularly with infertility issues, to assist our clients achieve a balance in mind, body and spirit, so they are able to stop ‘obsessing’ over their infertility, and other issues that can often accompany the journey of becoming pregnant. Sometimes additional pressure to becoming pregnant is felt from a partner (real or imagined), which can put strain on the relationship. Similar stresses, strains and frustrations can begin to pile up on each other, impacting every aspect of your life and seem insurmountable. Even going down the IVF route or on another fertility program, can add to the ‘pressure pile’, leaving you exhausted, perhaps angry, depressed and at your wits end!

Here at Hypnosis and Health, we fully understand and empathise with the cocktail of emotions that can be stirred up on your journey to getting pregnant. So we want you to know that we are committed to going out of our way to ensure all the factors that may be contributing to your infertility issue, are taken into account with our 12-session Fertility-Thro-Hypnosis Program.

This is a unique Program, not just because all factors that may be contributing to your infertility issue are taken into account - but also because Sonia brings her intuitive abilities into the mix of science and spirituality. This is important when you recognise that getting pregnant has never been a rational, logical, ‘left-brain’ process. If it were, infertility programs such as IVF would have a considerably higher success rate.

The Fertility-Thro-Hypnosis Program supports both medically assisted and natural conception, with hypnotherapeutic tools, techniques and methodologies, which complement both. This may be your last resort! Let it be the best resort and the best decision you make today.


Book and Pay for 12 individual sessions on the day of each session
$2,700 for the full program
($225 per session)


Paid for up front as one payment prior to your first session: Discounted to $1,980 for the full program
($165 per session)
Saving $720

Contact us now to book a discovery call (complementary) for more information relevant to your situation and to discover how this Program can be the answer to your prayers!