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This area is content specific* for General Practitioners and medical students. We are dedicated to providing you with hypnotherapeutic options across a broad spectrum of conditions and will post these in this portal, along with weekly updates in the scientific literature. If you have a particular area of interest(s) which when entered into the search box, produces no or few matches, or any queries or concerns around the applications of medical hypnosis and/or self-hypnosis training, please let us know. We aim to accommodate your interest(s) as far as we are able and keep you abreast of developments in those areas as they apply to medical hypnosis.

*Certain pieces of content here are repeated outside the portal, elsewhere on the site (such as free audios with instructions, under free tools). However, in addition to the content here being more relevant to you, also note that content in this portal is oriented towards medically qualified practitioners and medical students in various ways including the terminology used. By providing patients with access to certain audio recordings for free (under free tools), you the practitioner can refer them to that section, without patients requiring your login details, which are confidential and personal to you.

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