Sleep Issues

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective tools available for sleep issues. These issues range from difficulty in getting to sleep (sleep onset), maintaining sleep through the night and early morning, to difficulty in waking up refreshed and revitalised. If it is determined that the client’s sleep issue is a by-product of something else, which is often the case, then that has to be resolved first, and we can help you with that. In resolving that or those issues, the sleep issue will automatically become a thing of the past. We ‘test’ that this is the case by checking in with the unconscious during the final session, as well as by follow-up.

The most common type of sleep issue seen at our clinic is that which is a by-product of another issue in a client’s personal or professional life giving rise to a period of chronic stress, worry, anxiety which may be accompanied by depression. In fact insomnia along with early morning awakenings is are symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder and need to be checked out with a health practitioner qualified to make diagnoses.

There are those who use the words stress, worry and anxiety interchangeable. Although they do overlap and so often go hand in hand, they have distinct meanings. For example, anxiety is stress that continues after the ‘stressor’ has gone whilst worry tends to be repetitive fearful thoughts. Also anxiety appears more diffuse, being experienced in the body whilst worry is associated with the head. These are just two ways in which to differentiate worry from anxiety.

Tips for those who have worries about sleep

If you are a worrier and this is the main problem for your sleep issue, then as you rest your head, tell yourself that you are going to have a wonderful sleep whilst reminding yourself that your unconscious mind (that keeps you breathing during sleep and other automatic workings as you sleep) can continue to work away during the night to resolve in peaceful ways, your issue(s), dissolving worries, as you sleep - Then you will have a wonderful quality sleep. If you cannot, please use one of the hypnotic recordings designed for this type of sleep issue.

There are different audio recordings for different types of sleep issues. There is also one specific process, which ‘sleep studies’ globally, have shown to be the most effective process for sleep issues, regardless of the cause. Sonia has taken this process and refined it over the course of 14 years to optimise the effectiveness of this powerful tool. If you wish further information, please contact us.

Sleep related success stories

Goodbye to sleep medication

“My sleeping is great (not had a pill now for 10 days – yehaa)…what you have helped me with is enormous, I never thought I could do it. The biggest, biggest thanks.”

 Cathy D.


“I went to my first hypnosis session not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to relax and enjoy the experience. I was having trouble staying asleep for any length of time and had gotten to the stage where I wasn’t functioning properly on a daily basis and knew I had to take some serious action. I noticed a marked improvement in my quality of sleep after my first session and now that I’ve had a second session I really feel like my problem no longer exists – thanks so much Sonia! I am very happy to say that I feel “human” again – the flow-on effect has been fantastic!!”

Jenny J.