Discover Your Life Purpose

You know when you are not living to your fullest potential, regardless of what you perceive as being obstacles to that. You know when you are not living you life purpose, because you are not living in joy – you are not being authentic to you.

There are many ways to discover your fullest and highest potential but first you have to remove the perceived blocks or limiting beliefs you hold in your unconscious that are keeping you from being the truest expression of your ‘light’ in the world. Your life purpose may be grand or not, yet it is uniquely yours and what will enrich your life the most.

In the grand scheme of things, you already know what your life purpose is. It is to rediscover those things that make your heart sing and ensure you have an abundance of those things in your life. My job is to clear out old repeating patterns of behaviour, resulting from limiting beliefs held in your unconscious, which may have been there for aeons of time. With that freedom, that clarity of purpose, you open up to your highest potential.

How Sonia works with you to uncover your life purpose is dependent on a variety of factors including what you as the client, feels would be beneficial for you. In the case of Sarah S. (see Success Stories), she knew that her issues stemmed from past lives and so that is where she wanted to begin. Know past life regression and present life regression, are just two tools within Sonia’s toolbox labelled ‘Tools for uncovering life purpose’.

In her first session, Sarah experienced seven past lives both male and female at different times. Remember, you do not have to be a believer in reincarnation (the existence of past lives), in order to have the experience of being regressed to other lives. Whether real or imagined, the unconscious can bring them up when the intention is set to reveal to you recurring sabotaging themes through life-times – in order for them to be healed (think of the movie Groundhog Day).

For the therapist observing, the recurring themes become obvious quickly. For the client, they may need to write down their experience and reflect on the similarities between lifetimes, as a post-hypnotic assignment. Then it will become obvious. Life Purpose can be identified through one session with or without hypnotherapy. However if blocks to realising your fullest potential and living your life purpose, are not identified and cleared by tapping into the unconscious through hypnotherapy, you will find yourself in a holding pattern.

Sonia loves working with clients to assist them rediscover their life purpose – rediscover because part of you (your spirit) has always known. What would you like to know about finding your life purpose? Contact me.

Life Purpose Success Stories


Find your purpose road sign“I went to see Sonia at the hypnosis and health practice for help in dealing with past life issues. I did not know what to expect as I have never been hypnotised before and to be honest was not even sure if hypnosis could assist for past life issues. I was amazed at the results after just one session.

After one session, I had begun to recognise and identify patterns that have been present for aeons of time which I had unknowingly been engaging in that really weren’t helpful or benefiting me. I was able to change my behaviour and as such I avoided arguments, a potential huge fallout at work and in the process realised what freedom of choice really means. I was also surprised at how comfortable I felt throughout the session. I felt at all times I was safe and secure and how so not scary hypnosis is. 

After a second session, I saw a new me emerge and felt more confident that I would not engage in previous past behaviours. I began to understand how my behaviour and my own past life patterns were continually being repeated through my own doing. It was positively life changing and I feel so much happier in my work relationships and most importantly in my relationship with family and loved ones. I can’t thank Sonia enough as without her and her skills as a hypnotist, I would never have been able to fully realise my potential and my life purpose. Thanks Sonia.”

Sarah S.