You can’t use that excuse any more!

This is not just a matter of inherited genes. The excuse: ‘I can’t help it, its in my genes’ – appears to have taken on an entirely new meaning, with the numerous studies which have emerged and accumulated over the last three decades. These show how experience can imprint our DNA and pass on belief systems, fears and interference patterns. The study of this, is referred to as epigenetics - a field of study which has dramatically shifted our perception of how health conditions can arise and which invites a more holistic approach to their treatment such as the integrated Approach that Sonia developed for the treatment of Anxiety Disorders (MDTL Model™).

One particular study, which Sonia loves to relate, to get across her message, is a study, which concluded that fear of a smell, can be passed down several generations (New Scientist Vol 220, Issue 2946, 7 Dec 2013, P.10).

At Hypnosis and Health, Sonia works with Generational Timelines within hypnotherapy where there is a family history of a condition, particular as it relates to the transference to clients of anxieties and fears. Sonia has worked very successfully with generational, current and other timelines to effect permanent change. So if you feel you ‘picked up’/ inherited your anxieties and fears from a parent or their parents, (even if they do/ did not have the same specific anxieties and fears as you), then working with generational timelines could well be the answer to the freedom from your condition.

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