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It is common knowledge nowadays that your very own thoughts, feelings and attitudes (or behaviours) can - and do - affect your physical health. Because of the understanding we have at Hypnosis and Health of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, we truly believe that a holistic approach is the only way to effect life-long beneficial changes.

Whilst medicine segregates the human body into biological systems i.e. immune, nervous, skeletal, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic etc., etc., medicine now appreciates more than ever, the delicate interplay between these systems. This interplay can be viewed as an orchestra with each player knowing when to come in and play their instrument and the conductor as the inherent intelligence of our body to guide different players and their instruments so that a harmonious recital takes place – harmony being the operative word, because our body is always striving to achieve this, at the unconscious level.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this interplay of systems, that we can give here, is between our nervous system and our immune system. Our nervous system affects our immune system both directly and indirectly.

One branch of our nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, is easily activated by stress for instance. Mental stress (or chronic worrying) has been shown to trigger and exacerbate inflammation within the body.

Emotions, molecules secreted by our endocrine system travel through our circulatory system, reaching and so having an effect on every cell. Our cells really do communicate with each other – This means that every cell of every body system is connected and relaying information with the body’s state of health viewed as a barometer of how we think, feel and behave toward others and ourselves.

When the immune system, designed to be our principle defence system for keeping out intruders (foreign organisms) fails and begins to attack its own cells, as in any auto-immune disease, the mental and emotional elements surrounding the development of the autoimmune condition, have to be explored in order to effect a deeper permanent change, and that is where we come in.

There are many case studies, which we can relate here to demonstrate the importance of working holistically and how this approach is ultimately the only approach, which consistently provides life-long beneficial change. However, we provide here a success story which sums up why working with thoughts, feelings and attitudes, in particular those around love and forgiveness toward self and others, is the ultimate healer – Compassion for self being required foremost, which then allows for compassion toward others, regardless of what you believe/ perceive they have done to you!

Success Stories

Auto-Immune Disease / Raynaud’s Syndrome / Debilitating Pain

“I came to Sonia as a last resort, not knowing what to expect. I had a rare condition called CREST diagnosed 18 months before I went to see Sonia. This is an auto-immune disorder, where the body attacks itself. One of the symptoms, and for me the most troubling, was Raynaud’s where the fingers of both my hands were “black” and very painful much of the time, as the blood could not reach the fingertips. Doctors have had to operate on them a few times – after that I did not let anyone, not even my kids come near my fingers. My toes were the same, but not as bad. I’d had enough of the pain. During my first session with Sonia, I could see how I had literally decided to “shut off” from people in my life who had ‘done me wrong’ because it was too painful. In “shutting off emotionally”, I had somehow shut-off my circulation. After just one session, the circulation into my fingers improved dramatically. I am pain-free and I even allow my kids to touch my fingers – they were surprised with the improvement too – it was amazing. I still have work to do in my emotional life, and health-wise, but now I have a greater understanding of how my thoughts and feelings affect my health and well-being and I am so grateful for what’s been achieved.”
Christine M.

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