Over the years, Sonia has given several talks and presentations on this topic to other health practitioners and the general public, demonstrating how hypnotherapy and other therapeutic tools can be successful used to achieve freedom from depression. It needs to be said that depression often accompanies other conditions. For example, most people know that anxiety sufferers are more likely to develop depression in their lifetime than someone who does not suffer from anxiety. In fact, the research shows that Anxiety Disorders are the single biggest clinical risk for developing depression (Hirschfeld, 2001), with later studies showing the same.
Hirschfeld, R.M. (2001). The comorbidity of major depression and Anxiety Disorders: recognition and management in primary care. Primary Care Companion to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 3(6), 244.

As with anxiety and Anxiety Disorders, there are various diagnostic criteria for different types of depression, which a health practitioner (qualified to make diagnoses), would use.

The symptoms suggestive of Major Depressive Disorder include: digestion issues; insomnia along with early morning awakenings; lowered appetite and weight loss or abnormal weight gain (the latter is much less frequent); loss of sexual drive; crying fits; various aches and pains. If you recognise these symptoms in yourself or another, then a health practitioner qualified to make such a diagnosis, should be sought.

Depression Success Stories

Post Natal Depression - Leading To Alcohol Abuse

“After reading testimonials from some of Sonia’s clients I decided to give hypnotherapy a try.  I had been struggling with Post Natal Depression following the birth of each of my children, and was using alcohol habitually to help me relax and sleep after my children were asleep.  Although I have been through a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) course specifically for PND I was unable to manage when it recurred.  In
conjunction with treatment from a psychologist I thought I would also try hypnotherapy to deal with my reliance on alcohol, and also build my self-esteem and emotional resilience.

After the first session I was completely disinterested in having a drink.  I also learnt that I was still experiencing a lot of pain and grief associated with the birth of my son.  By the third session I saw the spectre of depression leave me.  Since then I have been feeling more and more like my usual self.  I am happy all the time and positive about the future.  I can’t thank Sonia enough for her kindness.  Her ability to empathise with my story,
and to so skilfully shape each session around my feedback was wonderful.  I would highly recommend Sonia for her professionalism, as well as her obvious wealth of experience.  Thanks Sonia – I will not need another session.  Have been feeling fantastic, really calm, and not even a thought of having a drink.”

Christina P.


“I am over the moon with the intuitive and valuable advice that you have graciously delivered to me. The hypnosis has left me totally uplifted. My heart-felt thanks.”

 Linda R. (counselling combined with hypnosis)

“The hypnosis sessions were very good. I feel a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders and a new sense of direction and energy now lies in front of me. Thank-you for bringing me to this happy state - I should have done this a lot sooner.”

Chris F