Anxiety Disorders incl. phobias

All Anxiety Disorders, as defined by the DSM-5, (a world recognised manual of mental disorders used by mental health care professionals) share the common features of anxiety and fear. So in addition to the information presented here, you will benefit tremendously, from reading the information (including any success stories), related to your specific anxiety disorder(s):

Why are hypnotic tools used in hypnotherapy so effective in providing permanent relief from phobias?

When you remember that all phobias are extreme and/or irrational fears of and so avoidance of something, and all Anxiety Disorders consist of fear locked in the subconscious mind, then tools recognised as effective for working with the subconscious mind, have to be the tools of choice. In fact various forms of Hypnosis have been recognised in virtually every ancient culture (dating back ~ 4,000 years) as powerfully effective in releasing fears from the subconscious – powerful psychotherapeutic tools THEN and NOW.

The person with this phobia may start to worry when they think of booking the flight, whilst booking the flight, when packing their case and/or at other times prior to boarding the plane. This person may be worrying and anxious for weeks. Many knowing this, avoid flying altogether and feel disappointed and/or annoyed for being this way. If the person is the type who forces themselves to board a plane, they often find themselves with sweaty palms and experience other unpleasant nervous symptoms for most if not the whole flight, unable to enjoy the journey, perhaps even trying to numb themselves with medication or alcohol... Whilst the person without the phobia is excited about their trip or holiday for weeks in advance, and they either feel nothing while boarding the plane and flying, or they are excited during it and genuinely enjoy the experience…

Two very different experiences of the same situation... it truly is all about your mind-body connection so that you feel safe! Which is why hypnotherapeutic tools are the best ones to permanently dissolve fears from the mind and body, replacing those fears with positive thoughts and feelings prior to, during and post-flight. The tools used are those that eliminate all negative associations held towards flying, (spiders, heights, or whatever your phobia is), and replaces them with thought patterns and associations which are positive or neutral – ones shared by those without the phobia.

Freedom from phobias and other Anxiety Disorders is truly simple with assistance from hypnosis!

A separate website has been created for the fear of flying due to the sheer number of people who have this issue and have wanted to connect with Sonia in order to successfully work with freeing themselves. Sonia’s own research on 95 participants of a ‘fear-of-flying’ survey, who had a fear of flying, demonstrated that 78 of them (82.1% or approx. 8 out of 10 people) had experienced at least one panic attack in their life. So naturally factors such as the fear of having a panic attack need to be factored into a customised approach to allow you to be flying fear-free. Please go to not only to give your assurance by reading the success stories, but also for a complimentary assessment of your specific anxieties and fears around flying, AND an appraisal of how those anxieties and fears will be permanently cleared within 21 days. This highly successful program includes live consultations online (or offline in person at our clinic), so that you may have complete freedom from your fears and anxieties around flying.

Follow the signs

These signposts are the symptoms - NOT the cause. Whether or NOT you have been diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder (as defined* by a manual known as DSM-5) – you do not have to suffer for the rest of your

life from anxieties and fears. Permanent relief from specific fears, phobias and anxieties is now possible.

The latest manual which clinicians and psychiatrists may refer to, when diagnosing a mental disorder, is referred to as the DSM-5 and it classifies the following group, as Anxiety Disorders:
Separation anxiety disorder, selective mutism, specific phobia, social phobia, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Each has characteristic symptoms and cognitions associated with them. Anxiety disorders share features of fear and anxiety (American Psychiatric Association, 2013)

Sonia’s integrated hypnotherapeutic approach for the permanent relief of Anxiety Disorders incorporates the most effective scientifically proven methods. Details of her 3T-approach® were published in the peer-reviewed Journal (AJCH Vol 39 No.2). Sonia has given many presentations to practitioners over the years on hypnotherapeutic approaches to a variety of issues including Anxiety Disorders, which are her formost area of expertise. If you suffer from any of the following – you don’t have to any longer (note: though OCD is not listed in the DSM-5 as an anxiety disorder, it can now be worked with for permanement relief through the highly effective 3T-approach®. Click here if you are a practitioner and would like to receive a copy of the paper.

Audio Recordings

Relief from Anxiety

Sonia has created powerful yet short audio recordings over the last 4 years which when listened to in accordance with their associated instruction sheet, provide complete freedom from anxieties and fears either:

  • In their own right - as stand-alone advanced therapeutic tools - OR
  • When combined with a hypnotherapy program specific to clients’ anxieties and fears.

Watch a short video of what one ‘stressed-out’ individual had to say about the effect of just listening to one of these recordings and reading the written version of that recording at times when he felt he needed to. This particular recording was selected at random by the client and does not belong to the ‘therapeutic collection’ - Yet this success story gives you some appreciation of their effectiveness and power.

Got to Video
Many of these recordings are freely available:
  • To those undertaking hypnotherapy face-to-face - either in person at the clinic - or online.
  • Through your medical practitioner (via the Practitioner Portal of this site).
The reason why these recordings are freely available …

The reason why these recordings are freely available through a consultation with Sonia (on or offline) is because having specialised and had extreme success with sufferers of anxieties and fears including those diagnosed with one or more Anxiety Disorders, Sonia was able to design and create recordings for these issues that clients could use in the comfort of their own home either as an adjunct to treatment with her or as stand-alone treatments depending on the nature of the issue(s). Contact for assessment of most suitable recording(s) for your issue(s).

The reason why these recordings are freely available through your health practitioner (one qualified to make diagnoses), is because they are the best person to advise you of the most suitable recording(s) for you, based on your history and the nature of your anxieties and fears according to any diagnoses made. They are then able to follow up and keep a record of your progress.

Success Stories for Anxiety Disorders

“I had an extensive and rather comprehensive list of ailments before I saw Sonia for hypnotherapy and I didn’t know where else to turn nor did I believe in or want to take medication to fix my “problems” as I didn’t feel it would solve the root cause. I had no idea about what would happen in my first session and I wasn’t fully convinced of how powerful hypnotherapy could be. But after only three sessions, I can honestly say that I feel like an improved version of myself. (I even felt different after just the first). 
Having suffered from a troubled childhood with various events scarring and affecting my life everyday, this in turn tainted the way I handled my adult life. The compounding effects of these experiences both from my childhood and adulthood finally resulted in severe anxiety, nervous tension, depression, lack of motivation, confusion and tension everywhere in the body to name but a few. 
Seeing Sonia has been the most enriching and rewarding thing I have ever done. It was also so easy! I felt like I was cheating because it was so simple and all I had to do was relax and enjoy the journey. 
Through the positive and effective guidance provided by Sonia, I am now free of the old habits I had dragged around with me for so long. I am still the same person facing the same problems, but I now see and handle these difficult situations very differently. I have found an emotional balance and finally feel free and at peace. Thank you Sonia for changing my life!”
Zamina A
“In my first session, I immediately felt very comfortable with Sonia and at ease discussing my issues. I had lost all balance. I had lost the happy go lucky me. I felt overwhelmed, work and family dramas consumed me, as well as living with Lupus for 25 years. My release was over-indulgence in wine and cigarettes. Sonia has been incredible, listening to me cry and laugh and release pent-up emotions that had been weighing me down. But now, I feel light, happy and relaxed. The transformation inside glows through to the outside. I have a spring in my step and I’m gaining balance, overcoming unhealthy habits and learning moderation. I relax, I listen and I laugh now. Family, friends and colleagues have all commented – ‘I want what she’s having’ they’ve all remarked – it’s the best they’ve seen me. They feel the positive energy from being around me and say they walk away feeling great after hanging out with me. Thank you Sonia”.
Melinda E