Is Anger

Say Goodbye to anger management classes

We firmly believe that it is not about managing anger but dissolving it completely, by dissolving old hurts, disappointments and resentments, which have lay hidden in the unconscious for too long. If you are reading this, it is because you or someone you care about has an anger issue. When anger is suppressed it can often lead to frustration, irritation and impatience, felt in the body. When anger is expressed, while it can feel like a release of tension, yet the ‘tension’ remains in the body, like a sleeping volcano waiting to erupt again – and of course there are those who may swing between these two – suppression and expression of anger as defensive coping mechanisms.

As with anxiety, anger is both an offshoot and a reaction to fear, and as mentioned, an unconscious defensive coping strategy. When anger is expressed as rage or some form of abuse, it is done so, out of the fear of being hurt again (equivalent to the fight response). When anger is suppressed it can at its extreme, lead to resentment, bitterness and hate – As with expression, its suppression is out of fear of being hurt again (equivalent to the flight response). Arising from the subconscious, the suppression and expression of anger have become automatic learned behaviours and can only be completely healed by working with the subconscious. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool for this.

In hypnosis, using the right tools and techniques, your unconscious can reveal deep fears, along with the core HURT responsible for the reactive explosion or suppression of anger - which may have lay hidden for years, yet contributed to other strong feelings/emotions around trust and betrayal. These can then be swiftly cleared along with all associated fears, disappointments and hurts, with new beneficial beliefs planted in the fertile soil of the mind. This is similar to pulling out a weed. To ensure the weed does not return, you need to spend some time loosening the soil around the weed (equivalent to the preparation we do both in and out of hypnosis) using the right weeding tools. Then, when the weed is gently pulled out, it is removed intact with all the branching roots. Those branches represent the branching offshoots to the original CORE HURT, which resulted in the (usually unconscious) fear of being hurt again!

Anger Related Success Stories

Repressed Anger Turned to Hate & Autoimmune Disease incl. Raynaud’s Syndrome

Note the success story below, is repeated under medical conditions, a section worth reading if you wish to know what autoimmune disease (in general) is expressing mentally and emotionally. During her first session, this client had the realisation, triggered by hypnoanalysis, that the anger she held towards family members had turned to hate inside of her – HATE which poisoned her own blood. Intuitively we know that it is not just our nervous system that is affected by emotions. Research on the mind-emotions-body, has exploded in this millennium – research which backs up the effect of intense negative emotions on every bodily system, resulting in disorder and disease, with advanced technological tools to demonstrate this.

“I came to Sonia as a last resort, not knowing what to expect. I had a rare condition called CREST diagnosed 18 months before I went to see Sonia. This is an autoimmune disorder, where the body attacks itself. One of the symptoms, and for me the most troubling, was Raynaud’s where the fingers of both my hands were “black” and very painful much of the time, as the blood could not reach the fingertips. Doctors have had to operate on them a few times. After that, I did not let anyone, not even my kids come near my fingers. My toes were the same, but not as bad. I’d had enough of the pain. During my first session with Sonia, I could see how I had literally decided to “shut off” from people in my life who had ‘done me wrong’ because it was too painful. In “shutting off emotionally”, I had somehow shut-off my circulation. After just one session, the circulation into my fingers improved dramatically. I am pain-free and I even allow my kids to touch my fingers – they were surprised with the improvement too – it was amazing. I still have work to do in my emotional life, and health- wise, but now I have a greater understanding of how my thoughts and feelings affect my health and well-being and I am so grateful for what’s been achieved.” 
Christine M.

Anger With Anxiety

“Just wanted to let you know how things are. I feel so much more like my old self (the positive stuff like being decisive and firing on all four cylinders at work), plus I feel like a total new self (taking time to enjoy creativity and worrying less about unimportant detail). As for the anger and anxiety, I stopped feeling angry immediately on leaving after the last session and it hasn’t reappeared at all. I have only experienced the tiniest hint of anxiety bubbling up and was able to breathe it away as soon as it appeared. As for the eating, I am eating regularly and with some forethought, and enjoying coffee-chocolate breaks in the context of my overall day rather than as an escape. I haven’t used the EFT tapping technique you showed me, other than a couple of times because things just fell into place quickly. Overall I feel busy and engaged, creative and optimistic. Thank you!”
Cath V.