Food / Drink Issues

Whilst you may be addicted to buying and/or eating particular foods in excess, such as an addiction to: sugar; starchy comfort foods; junk food; savouries; cheese and biscuits; carbohydrates, carbonated/ fizzy drinks, alcohol etc., and you know what you need to do, breaking the addiction without professional help can be extremely difficult. Step in… Hypnotherapy with Hypnosis and Health!

Hypnotherapy is the tool of choice for unwanted eating and drinking behaviours – with an abundance of research showing hypnotherapy to be a highly effective tool for all unwanted unconscious behaviours. This is because it works at the unconscious level, making ‘permanent’ changes here – Changes, which are then conveyed to the conscious level. We use specialised tools within hypnotherapy and other tools and techniques, some of which may be associated with, but not strictly hypnotherapy. We are selective about which tools we use for your particular food/ drink addiction, customising your program to your needs, so that you may be permanently free from your addiction(s) – So, for example you are an emotional eater, all the emotions and feelings associated with excessive eating/ drinking are cleared and beneficial positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours put in their place. If you have a slow metabolic rate, this can be safely and gently adjusted at the unconscious level, and so on. Go to sugar addiction success stories and any others relevant to this section – insert link here or copy here.

All of these behaviours can lead to ‘packing on the pounds’ (or kilos, depending on where you are) - Though calorie counting may not be the answer. If excess body weight has occurred as a result of these behaviours please go to the body weight section as well as view details on our Advanced Weight Loss Program in that section and under Products & Programs.

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Success Stories

High cholesterol & weight loss

“Since seeking help from Sonia at the Hypnosis and Health practice, I have maintained a weight loss of just over 13 kilograms. Most surprisingly, within the first 3 months of a strategy devised by Sonia of combining low GI foods and more sensible eating habits with a program of Hypnosis, my total cholesterol has dropped from 6.7 to 3.9 (an improvement of over 40%). The triglyceride reading has dropped from 2.7 to 0.8. 
HDL cholesterol (the good stuff) has improved from 1.2 to 1.4. The bad LDL cholesterol has reduced from 4.3 to 2.1 and perhaps best of all, my Coronary Risk Ratio has dropped from 5.6 to 2.8. In summary, all indicators are within the recommended medical target range. I have consigned my prescribed Lipitor tablets to the bin!”
Stephen D.

Chronic constipation

“A quick email to let you know the results of my hypnosis treatment and diet changes have been very good – one movement first thing each day. It is a massive improvement in my life and I am very grateful to you.”
Lucas H.