Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Bruxism is the condition diagnosed when teeth grinding has become a chronic habit. It leads to jaw tension and visa versa. In fact, bruxism and another condition, referred to as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ or TMD), are intimately entwined. Grinding your teeth and tightening your jaw can occur when you recall a memory of a time when you felt angry, frustrated, upset or some other intense emotion. This is natural – though the habitual grinding of teeth is not, and can lead to a variety of dental issues including damaged teeth and jaw joints as well as a misaligned jaw.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be a powerful modality for reducing and eliminating symptoms of jaw tension and bruxism. This is because the muscle tension and teeth grinding are behaviours, which have become unconscious, even though you may be aware of them. Though if occurring only during the night, your awareness may be restricted to experiencing jaw ache and soreness in the morning. I say symptoms because at some point in your past, both jaw tension and teeth grinding (symptoms of nervousness) appeared as an attempt by your subconscious to relieve mental and emotional discomfort you were experiencing. Hypnoanalysis can often identify the origin of the bruxism, though this is just one of the many effective tools and techniques we have for uncovering, reducing as well as eliminating these symptoms.

Other unhealthy habits/ behaviours, similar to bruxism such as lip-biting, nail-biting, skin picking, hair pulling, etc., also start life as the body’s way of ‘coping’ with a distressing situation, which clients found traumatic at the time and which can often only be recalled and the associations made, in hypnosis. Many practitioners refer to these unwanted behaviours as ‘displacement activities’ because the unconscious strategy at the time when it was created was to displace the tension felt in the body – though not a highly effective strategy!

Displacement activities such as bruxism, most often begin in childhood, though can exist on other timelines such as generational. Childhood bullying, separation anxiety, witnessing family feuds and being falsely accused as a child, are just a few of the traumatic situations that can give rise to displacement activities and why clients contact us for help.

We work with releasing the charges around the traumatic memory/memories, which have become stored in the body’s tissues (cellular memory). Even when they cannot be identified, they can be released and positive feelings put in their place. We have many techniques for achieving this and one, which we love and find works rapidly for bruxism and other displacement activities where there is an underlying trauma, is EMDR. Often only two sessions are required to make a complete and permanent break-away from your old habit of teeth grinding, lip-biting, nail-biting, skin picking, hair pulling, etc., depending on the specifics of your case.

Depending on what is revealed in your initial discovery session with us (over the phone - complementary), other techniques may be combined with EMDR, in resistant cases, even though the scientific research shows EMDR to be one of, the most effective and rapid techniques for displacement activities such as bruxism.

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