Alcohol & Drug Issues

Please contact me direct here for programs personalised for your specific issue and I will provide you with a complimentary session over the phone on how I can assist you – this may include tips and techniques depending on the nature of your issue.

Success Stories (alcohol & Drugs)

Addicted To Alcohol, Fear Of Panic Attacks
“I have my life back, thanks to Sonia!!!! I had a drinking problem where I would drink every night to get drunk. I knew why I was doing it, I just couldn’t stop. With Sonia’s help I no longer have a drinking problem. I drink no more than 2 drinks at a time and this is only if I even feel like a drink. I also used to suffer from panic attacks many years ago. However, the thought that these would come back again was always on my mind. This held me back and stopped me enjoying life. With hypnosis these thoughts have now disappeared. After seeing Sonia I feel alive, in control of my life again, happy and confident. I am also losing weight which is a great bonus!!! Sonia, thank you so much again”.
Vanessa I
Alcohol Addiction
“I would like to thank Sonia Czernik, for a very positive life-changing experience. I have struggled with alcohol abuse for 30 years. I would only drink in the evenings but the problem was the quantity – up to 2 bottles of wine in an evening, this was 3 or 4 times over the safe limit. I started having hypnosis treatments from Sonia with wonderful results. I am now able to stop at 3 glasses of wine sometimes not even that. Also I have every Monday and Tuesday, as A.F.Ds [Alcohol free, days.] Thank-you so much Sonia”.
Anthony G