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Free Lifetime Access To Powerful Recordings which provide unbelievable results in the following areas:

  • Relief from stress,
  • Anxiety and/or worry
  • Relief from Sleep issues: sleep onset and maintenance of a deep quality sleep

Instructions on how to use the audio recordings, to achieve optimum results, are downloadable by clicking here.

Sharing is Caring – The Best Show of Appreciation:
The best show of appreciation you can give is your feedback on how you found the free recording(s) and the results you got. I am passionate about ending the suffering from anxieties and fears, including those inherent in Anxiety Disorders along with issues that may accompany those disorders, such as depression and sleep issues.

Your positive feedback will naturally encourage others to use the recordings and so too derive the benefits. Sharing is caring so why not help others with these issues? You will be doing just that when after deriving the benefits of listening to the recording(s) on a regular basis, you remember to provide your positive feedback. This encourages others to take advantage of lifelong free access to the audio recordings. That feedback can take the form of a few words, a sentence or a few sentences.

Feedback Format:
If you prefer, you can provide your feedback on how listening to the audio recording has helped you in written form (ideally with a head-shot photo of yourself) or an audio or video recording of your success story.

A couple of recent examples from appreciative users are given here:

"The anxiety relief audio brought exactly what it says it does... relief. Listening to the audio regularly (sometimes even 2 or 3 times back to back) helped me to breathe easier, relax my body and to ease into a more relaxed state of mind. It was a reminder of how our bodies and our minds are built to work at ease and I am grateful that listening to the audio really helped me to identify where I was holding tension in my body, and allowed me to release anxiety more easily. Thank you Sonia for the anxiety relief audio!”

Marilize P.

“Hi Sonia, I have listened to the recording last night and even though it made me realise my anxiety is quite high, I got off to sleep much quicker than I would normally. I believe that if I listened to this daily as you suggested I can bring my anxiety down - what do you think?”



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