Sonia Barbara Czernik

Sonia Barbara CzernikSonia is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, qualifed pharmacist and holistic coach (personal and professional life) with 40-years’ experience in the health care industry. Known as ‘the therapist’s therapist’, her areas of specialization (see below) have led to personal growth and life transformation for individuals around the globe. Sonia facilitates seminars and workshops on the ‘Power of the Mind, Body and Spirit’ to manifest, by first overcoming anxieties and fears, limiting beliefs, and provides key strategies for optimising one’s relationship with self and others. She has run these workshops in the UK, Italy, South Africa and Australia (Sydney and Perth). She is passionate about her work in effecting positive change in the world, motivating and catalysing transformation in peoples’ lives every day to discover their innate ability to heal past traumas, resolve health issues and discover their purpose work, so that they can live a life of joy, health and abundance. Compassionate, creative, inspiring and with humour, Sonia guides individuals to open up to their highest potential, through one-on-one and group sessions, in person and online.

Sonia has an Honours Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Manchester, UK, as well as an Undergraduate Bachelor of Hypnosis (B Hyp) and a Diploma of Advanced Hypnosis (Dip Adv Hyp) from the Australian Academy of Hypnosis. She also has an Advanced Practitioner’s Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (APCCH) from the Academy of Applied Hypnosis (AAH), with units accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).

Sonia’s work has expanded through her own spiritual awakening to include multiple programs and pathways to Higher Consciousness and Life Transformation. Sonia’s purpose is to act as a catalyst for others’ expanding consciousness (awakening) in order that they can shine their light in the world, as the truest expression of their Soul.

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Sonia is an Author, Product creator, Seminar/workshop facilitator and highly sought after as an International leader in her field, she frequently speaks on various topics which have included: Anxiety Disorders, meditation, mindfuness and hypnosis, energy medicine, the power of the mind to heal and manifest, human consciousness, health - healing, and spirituality.

Sonia’s last engagement with pharmacy was as a pharmacology lecturer at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM). Having founded the Hypnosis and Health Practice in 2004, Sonia’s practice focuses on education for self-awareness, with hypnotherapy as a key tool to precipitate health and healing in her clients, along with meditation and mindfulness practices. Medication and self-hypnosis tools which Sonia has developed and used since 20014, assist clients therapeutically for a variety of health and related issues. These include anxiety, stress, fears and sleep issues, whether associated with one or more Anxiety Disorders or not. These tools are not available elsewhere and are unique to Sonia’s work, making it extremely easy and enjoyable to develop a regular habit of mindful meditation and self-hypnosis – tools which deepen clients’ meditative and self-hypnosis experience to effect change on the unconscious as well as conscious level.

Of the many training courses that Sonia has participated in, and facilitated, the ones she considers pivotal in moving her onto the hypnotherapy path have been: weekly workshops with Dr. Francesca Rossetti (author of Psycho- Regression), Gestalt Group Workshops with Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychologist Rick Cunnington (London, Tuscany, Cape Town and Johannesburg), lectures and workshops on Whole-Self Pre-birth Psychology with Dr. Ellis Snitcher (Endocrinologist and Principal Lecturer for the Complementary Medicine Degree course at the University of Middlesex, London), and seminars and workshops with medical intuitive Paul Anthony Jenkins (throughout UK, Sydney).

Sonia has held various positions on the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) committee over several years, having also presented numerous workshops to members. Sonia’s next significant presentation will be to GPs at the National RACGP Annual Conference in October 2018 (GP18) on ‘Mindfulness and Hypnosis for Anxiety Disorders’.

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