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Sonia CzernikSonia Czernik

Sonia started her career as a qualified Pharmacist and has 35 years experience in professional healthcare, her success rates are outstanding!

Not all Hypnotherapists are the same – our Clinical Hypnotherapist Sonia Czernik understands that every person is unique and so requires a unique approach.   Sonia uses the latest in advanced techniques to create a customised treatment plan tailored exactly to your requirements to help you achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Sonia is accredited with The Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) where very high standards exist.  Sonia is a registered supervisor with the AHA.  In her commitment to excellence, Sonia continues to research the latest news and training in health, science, technology and innovation.

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Post Graduate Bachelor of Hypnosis
  • Specialist hypnosis training in the treatment of pain & psycho-somatic conditions
  • Specialist training in Stress Management
  • Specialist training in Hypnofertility (fertility issues)
  • Specialist hypnosis training in Diabetes Management
  • Registered Clinical member of A.H.A. (Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association)
  • AHA Registered Clinical Supervisor for Hypnotherapists
  • Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) in Pharmacy
  • Certificate in Advanced Applied Microscopy for Nutritional Evaluation & Correction
  • Licensed Practitioner of Avatar (Avatar Master)
  • Professional Counsellor
  • ‘Working with Children’ Certificate

At the Hypnosis & Health Practice, you can be assured that you will receive the outcome your looking for, whether in your personal or professional life – Sonia has over 32,ooo client hours of experience in hypnotherapy, offering you complete confidence in the result you will achieve.


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