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It's like plunging into the calm ocean, the wind softly caressing your tanned body, the sun warming and igniting it. It's like feeling the ocean cool and embrace and contain you like a primordial womb. It's also like waking up from this dream and getting back to your blog!

You really can climb your mountain

Remember that mountain you've always wanted to climb? With our advanced hypnotherapy techniques we can help you unleash the power within your own subconcious mind so you will achieve your goals quickly and easily. Goal setting, confidence, self-esteem and more can all be improved dramatically with our advanced Hypnotherapy techniques.

Losing weight is just a walk in the park

Permanent weight loss is just a walk in the park with the help of our advanced weight loss hypnotherapy techniques. If you've dreamed of losing weight and keeping it off forever, we can help you achieve your goal and live the life you've always wanted. Don't wait any longer, book an appointment today!

We live up to your expectations

Especially if your expectations are to change or eliminate limiting beliefs stored within your subconscious mind. In that case we may even surpass your expectations.

Quit smoking & breath the fresh air

Attempting to quit smoking without our expert help is like being on a frozen mountain top. It's like getting half-way there and not being able to climb back down. It's like having to survive in that hostile environment for months. It really doesn't need to be so difficult. You can quit smoking easily with our advanced hypnosis quit smoking program. We customise your treatment program to suit your individual requirements which may or may not include hypnosis. What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us today!

"I need a Hypnotherapist
who achieves outstanding results ..."

Clinical Hypnotherapist Sonia Czernik at Hypnosis & Health Practice can help you with the following:
Quit smoking | Weight Loss | Self Esteem | Confidence | Anxiety | Stop snoring | Phobias
Discovering you Life Purpose (Soul Signature) and much, much more!

Sonia started her career as a qualified Pharmacist and has 35 years experience in professional healthcare
across many modalities including Hypnosis with outstanding success!

Book an appointment with Sonia today and
find out just how easy it is to achieve your goals
with your own customised treatment plan
(with hypnosis or/and other methods/techniques).

For your convenience we are located
on the corner of Green and London Streets Mt Hawthorn, Perth.

(ample free parking at rear of building)

With the right Hypnotherapist, the sky's the limit.
Remember - you CAN live the life you want and BE the person you want to be
Yes you CAN do it now! Why wait any longer?

Contact us today to find out how!

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The Depths of your Mind

The Depths of your Mind
The subconscious, like the hard drive of a computer, records EVERYTHING - so even when you think you've forgotten something (whether perceived good or bad at the time) it's imprint remains on the hard drive of your subconscious mind and can be retrieved with hypnotherapy for positive results. You don't have to consciously understand why you have a particular issue for it to be resolved.

Life Purpose (Soul Signature)

Life Purpose (Soul Signature)
A program dedicated to those starting or already on their spiritual path, or wanting to gain greater self-awareness or who’ve already experienced a consciousness shift and looking for guidance in the development of their ‘Diamond Consciousness'.

Bury that Habit For Ever

Bury that Habit For Ever
Do you have a bad habit you'd like to eliminate? With hypnotherapy we can help you bury that old habit for good!

Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Your Goals
With the right Hypnotherapist, you can climb that mountain! Achieve your goals easily with the help of advanced hypnotherapy. What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us today!

Improve Your Confidence

Improve Your Confidence
Give yourself the confidence you need for a successful and happy life. We help you to achieve your goals and be happy!

Lose Weight Permanently

Lose Weight Permanently
Permanent weight loss is easy when you tap into the subconcious to reveal and release blocks to shifting excess weight. We achieve outstanding results and so will you!
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