Fears & Phobias

“I just want to say a big thank you to Sonia for helping to change my life. I grew up seeing and hearing things no child should have to witness, although I couldn’t remember a lot I found negative thoughts and feelings getting me down and pushing my beautiful husband away physically and emotionally, I couldn’t bear to be touched. But thanks to Sonia I have put these bad feelings away for good and I’m living my life my way. I feel free, happy and relaxed and I can’t really remember ever being this way. And those around me also see a big difference. And this was all after only one visit. Thanks Sonia.” Mel O.

“Just a quick note to say that I did brilliantly with the elevators in Hawaii. No problems at all. The two sessions I had with you really worked. Thank-you for your help.” Virginia T.

“Hello Sonia, Just wanted to send you a quick email in regards to all my travels since our sessions. I flew on six flights since I left Perth .That includes the long flight to Hawaii. I felt great and though for a second I thought about the enclosed space the feeling quickly disappeared and I felt fine. I am still practising the breathing technique each day. Thanks again for the sessions and I look forward to my happy travelling on planes and trains.” Patrizia B.

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